Protein Salads (Meat, Egg and Cheese)

Cheese Spread

An American favorite, this salad includes American cheese, pickles and red peppers with a creamy base. It is wonderful on a sandwich, stuffed in celery and even as a spread on grilled hamburgers.

Chicken Salad

This salad has a mix of white and dark chicken with pickle relish, celery and red peppers. It’s great as a sandwich spread.

Cranberry and Pecan Chicken Salad

Yummy! Really nice combo with dried cranberry's and pecans with all white meat.

Egg Salad

Chopped eggs, pickle relish and mustard mixed with a creamy dressing makes a great salad to stuff a tomato or spread on toast. Want extra zip? Add diced green olives.

Ham Salad

Ham is ground with pickle relish, celery and red peppers and accented with a smoky flavor. It’s a winner!

Tuna Salad

All white tuna is complimented with celery, pickle relish in a creamy dressing.

White Meat Chicken Salad

We use only all white chicken meat along with pickles, celery and a creamy dressing.