Dessert & Fruits

Banana Split

With all the popular flavors from the ice cream shop, this dessert salad is a Hoople specialty.

Cherry Delight

It’s a delight! With cherries, pineapple and pecans in fluffy whipped topping, Cherry Delight can be served as a salad or dessert.

Cherry Fruit Gelatin

We have three gelatins: Cherry Fruit with Fruit cocktail, Orange Sunset with Crushed Pineapple and Carrots, and Strawberry Pineapple. Lots of fruit!

Cranberry Salad

We make this relish type cranberry year round since it is so popular. We grind cranberries with pineapple and fresh oranges. It’s a “must have” for the Thanksgiving table.

Hawaiian Salad

This popular side dish includes pineapple, mandarin oranges, marshmallows and coconut in a creamy tasty dressing.

Lemon Fluff

A tangy lemon flavor with marshmallows and coconut give this salad a great summer appeal.

Pineapple Walnut

A great salad to serve in the Spring season through the holiday time.  Add some apples and grapes and you have the historic Waldorf.

Pistachio Pudding

Pistachio pudding, pineapple, marshmallows and coconut whip up into a colorful and delightful salad.

Pumpkin Mousse

Available only during the fall and Christmas time. Can be served as is or prepare a parfait with topping and pecans.

Vanilla Pudding

Use our creamy vanilla pudding to make a quick and easy banana pudding dessert. Just layer with fresh bananas and vanilla wafer cookies.

Tapioca is also available.